Brands are about relationships. And relationships are based on our incredibly strong connections to our life values, mission, history, and visions for success.

We aim to create empowered brands by helping startups leverage Brand Strategy and Brand Identity to tell compelling brand stories through creative solutions. Brand strategies employ extensive project research and development to create a unique and empowering identity for your company.

ALTERED DESIGN thrives as a high quality and affordable solution to the small business owners who want to work with true branding strategies. Most startups launch without a solid understanding as to how they should position themselves to gain traction with their customers and make their competitors irrelevant. Instead they usually choose a generic visual messaging “me-too” approach to communicate their value to their target audience. Sometimes they do not communicate their value at all.

We strive every day to change this status quo by helping startups realize the importance of Brand Strategy and Brand Identity that sets the tone and tempo of their brands and leads them down the path to brand success.

  • Execute innovative Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and marketing collateral resulting in increased business volume.

  • Design solutions that directly impact your brand identity, social media strategy, response rates, and customer acquisition results.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction and customer engagement by creating easy-to-use, highly intuitive web design solutions based on user specifications and target market.

Consistent marketing and messaging leads to a consistent brand identity and, therefore, consistent sales.